When Popcorn Sacks Crunchy
We made a fun video anticipating the Big Game using pieces of Cheetos Crunchy and Popcorn to show how the two flavors came together in Cheetos' Crunch Pop Mix. My copywriting partner and I came up with the concept and storyboarded the video. We worked with a video producer to make this come to life.
Crunch Pop Mix
As part of Cheetos Super Bowl campaign, we promoted Cheetos newest flavor, Crunch Pop Mix. I shot and edited content videos like the one below that was shared on Cheetos Instagram Reels and TikTok.
we shared wallpaper images on Cheetos social for fans to screenshot and use.
Can You Hear it?
Content During the Game
As part of Cheetos' social strategy, we shared some delicious cooking recipes for the big game.
Cheetos also took part in some brandter with TurboTax and Scoots
Agency - VaynerMedia
CD - Todd Bradley, Harrison Barron
Art Director - Kelvin Medina
Copywriter - Liz Vargas

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