This project was my final assignment form my packaging class. The assignment asked to redesign the package of a known product, but there was also the choice of make your own product. I decided to go with my own product. I chose to look back on my heritage and where I come from, the Dominican Republic. D.R is known for exporting a number of goods, chocolate being one of them. in the DR, the cocoa sector has received less attention than other agricultural exports. However, this sector has undergone considerable changes in the last 20 years, most notably in the area of quality. It is continuing to evolve and secure its position in the global cocoa market and is clearly deserving of greater attention. 
I decided to approach this project as if my own family had to started their own chocolate company. My great grandfather Joaquin Medina would have been the one to have "started" the company. The packaging would look somewhat vintage/old style and would have colors that pop and coordinate with the flavor. In the end, I like this project because it made me go back and look at strong visual from my Dominican heritage. 
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