Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History, 1843 to the Present, guest curated by distinguished photographic historian Gail Buckland, highlights sport photographers and their place in the history of photography, not merely sports history.
Featuring more than 200 photographs Buckland has chosen for their aesthetic, cultural, and historical significance, the exhibition includes images of many different sports from nations around the globe. The period it covers—1843 to the present—makes it the most thorough exhibition of sports photographers ever organized. The exhibition will be divided into sections that focus on themes such as the beginnings of sports photography, the Olympics, solo and team sports, portraits, life off the field, and fans. In its breadth and beauty, Who Shot Sports captures its subject’s universal appeal.
We decided to expand the roughs of the Brooklyn Museum Who Shot Sports exhibition. Our strategy is here is to appeal to photographers and sport photographers by demonstrating that through photography you can capture anything-emotions, actions, and reflections of life. By using photos that showcase really great photography skills and reflect the spirit of sports, we can grab any photographers’ attention and that go well with the copy/headline. The message is that photography can capture any moment, emotion and experience through various skills. We hope that these ads get a new and different audience-made up of photographers to come to the museum.
The first set of ads would on the mta square ad space
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