This was my last project for my Type and Media class. The project was to make editorial spreads incorporating typographic illustrations we had previously done for the class. My choice of the layout was a simple and clean layout of one or two columns, as well as incorporating illustrations done by myself. I overlaid my illustrations with ink blobs. I used photoshop to make duotones to make it seem like watercolors. The article on the spreads focuses on the changes technology is having on our identity, social interactions, and perception of the world and loneliness. I wanted to give the sense of drowning through the illustrations because of so much content and developing technology it can be hard to get a hold of what really defines us and we end up feeling hopeless as if we were drowning. Individuality is something powerful and according to the article, we are losing it as the years go on. How do we remain individuals in a society that undervalues social interactions and the ways to build a strong identity or our individuality? That's the challenge presented.
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